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As part of our ongoing col­lab­o­ra­tion with Calvin Klein’s retail team, we created a narrative and visual direction centered on the theme of reimagining togeth­er­ness and connection.’ We explored and abstracted connection to elemental contact’ — taking inspiration from natural phenomena and the states of matter to design graphics for windows, fixtures and signage across hundreds of global CK stores.

  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Experiential Design
WØRKS CK 04 Typography

Spring 2022 saw us create a utilitarian, modernist inter­pre­ta­tion of connected shapes. We took inspiration from minimalist and conceptual artists from the middle of the century, showcasing connection through the negative space between objects rather than literal interactions.

WØRKS CK 10 Wall
WØRKS CK 09 Wall
WØRKS CK 10 Wall 1
WØRKS CK 09 Wall
WØRKS CK 05 Type Specimen

For Summer 2022, we opted for an organic, unstruc­tured and freeform feeling through con­den­sa­tion, inspired by again by mid-century conceptual art. Con­den­sa­tion signals an elemental state change, touching on theme of how connection can transform us.

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WØRKS CK 00 Hero 1
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WØRKS CK 14 Inside
WØRKS CK 02 Inside
WØRKS CK 02 Cities
WØRKS CK 02 Inside 1

In contrast to Summer, Fall 2022 was more structured, taking inspiration from the beauty and solidity of marble quarries. We created a never-ending quarry of marble blocks, a metaphor for the feeling of building that comes with connection.

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WØRKS CK 12 End Card
WØRKS CK 11 Inside
WØRKS CK 12 Store
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WØRKS CK 11 Cities