Public campaign posters montage.

Public​.com is an innovative social investing platform for users to trade stocks and crypto while engaging with other investors. We were tasked with developing the creative direction and messaging for the inaugural campaign alongside their internal team.

A curated set of authentic Public​.com investors, pho­tographed by Jacq Harriet on’s signature blue, created a sense of unity and acces­si­bil­i­ty. The rich color presented a welcome contrast against city backdrops and cut through urban landscapes when executed on billboards and wild­post­ings in key markets across the country. Carefully crafted social messaging and a hero film featuring talent sup­ple­ment­ed the out of home rollout creating a multi-dimensional effect.

By mirroring’s function, and creating a visually shared experience, the campaign established the platform as one of the most transparent, accessible ways to invest in the industry.

  • Creative Direction
  • Post Production
Campaign portrait of Millana.
Campaign portrait of Tobias.
Public billboard advertisement of Justin.
Public billboard advertisement of Millana.
Public taxi advertisement of Cydni.
Campaign poster montage.