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SKKY Partners is a new kind of private-equity firm focused on investing in and building consumer businesses. Launched by Kim Kardashian and Jay Sammons, SKKY makes investments in consumer products, hospitality, luxury, digital and enter­tain­ment. We were asked to create a visual identity for SKKY that could communicate alongside legacy insti­tu­tions in this space, but in a way that reflected Kim’s taste and the aesthetic world that she has created with her other brands. The color profile of the identity was inspired by patinas found on natural materials like travertine and concrete, signaling growth and the passage of time. We created a bespoke wordmark and paired with a sophis­ti­cat­ed typeface to create a rec­og­niz­able identity that is at once austere and optimistic, exem­pli­fy­ing its founders and their approach to investing.

  • Creative Direction
  • Branding & Identity
  • Digital Design
  • Development
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