We worked with Converse to concept, design and develop nextStudio, a generative asset creation tool powered by code. Envisioned as a way to activate the flexible design and motion language we created for Converse, nextStudio is a secure web application with an intuitive workflow accessible by Converse and its partners across the globe.

  • Creative Direction
  • Motion & Animation
  • Human Interface
  • Development
  • Cotton Design

nextStudio is comprised of eight bespoke tools that enable users to create on-brand assets from start to finish. The user interface allows manip­u­la­tion of various inputs and empowers users to easily output still and motion assets in a range of dimensions, for print, digital, and even physical applications.

WØRKS Converse next Studio 01 Features
WØRKS Converse next Studio 05 Ten Tools
WØRKS Converse next Studio 06 Laptop

The user interface was devised specif­i­cal­ly to work intuitively across language and geo­graph­i­cal barriers. Users are able to easily turn stills into motion assets by drawing and dragging on the canvas. Each tool has a unique number of parameters and elements, and the UI can scale dynamically to meet the needs of each.

WØRKS Converse next Studio 08 Interface
WØRKS Converse next Studio 09 Interface
WØRKS Converse next Studio 10 Interface
WØRKS Converse next Studio 11 Interface

Our motion language was informed by our overall strategy for Converse, rooted in the Gen‑Z char­ac­ter­is­tic of being digitally native. To create a sense of warm nostalgia and inject each movement with a bit of irreverence, each part of the language was designed to be what we coined as Digitally Human’: as if a person had dragged a piece of content across the screen in a social media app rather than the polished feel of pro­fes­sion­al design software. This style of movement was instantly rec­og­niz­able to our audience, resulting in immediate relatability.

WØRKS Converse next Studio 12 Digitally Human
WØRKS Converse next Studio 14 Socials

Our deep col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Converse team ensures nextStudio remains flexible for the future. The platform itself can easily adjust to seasonal color palettes and graphic lock-ups, and a scaleable development toolkit enables us to concept, create, test and add new tools with speed. nextStudio is a true man­i­fes­ta­tion of Converse’s core values of creativity and empowerment and allows for efficient, on-brand, democ­ra­tized expression.

WØRKS Converse next Studio 15 Scalability
WØRKS Converse next Studio 16 Wordmark
WØRKS Converse next Studio 17 Logos
WØRKS Converse next Studio 18 Standardization
WØRKS Converse next Studio 19 Colors
WØRKS Converse next Studio 20 Colors
WØRKS Converse next Studio 22 Logo