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For Nike New York’s DREAM WITH US campaign, we col­lab­o­rat­ed with our friend Nike Global Master Trainer Kirsty Godso on a visceral short film piece that captures her fiery spirit and dedication to her craft. Inspired primarily by a vintage Nike ad, we wanted to emphasize that the response to doubt is always more hard work. 

From Kirsty:

The WORK is the DREAM. It’s not a destination. A campaign. A shoe. A title. It’s the people, the pull-ups, the energy, the consistent discipline, making new and better choices and choosing to stay in the fight. We’ll forever be in debt to the work and what it teaches us. It’s about learning to compromise. Under­stand­ing you’re not always meant to get what you want. Celebrating that it’s not always about YOU. 99% of the work will go unseen, as it should. The work is yours. The comments are the spark that ignites the dream. The people are the match that light the flame. The work is the fire that fuels the dream. So if you were thinking of getting up today and not going after everything you want, think again. DON’T JUST DREAM IT. DO IT!”

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